ww_logo_clr (1)Wolseley Wheels is a cycling club for kids. We are affiliated with the Manitoba Cycling Association through the Kids of Mud program. And we are happy to be connected with Olympia Cycle and Ski (1813 Portage Ave.) as our official shop sponsor.

The primary goal of Wolseley Wheels is simply to prepare kids for a lifetime of having fun riding a bicycle. Participants will learn some basic bike handling skills and become comfortable riding in a group, both on the road and on the trails. But mostly they will spend a lot of time riding their bikes. Kids are also introduced to racing and have the opportunity to compete in a number of races each year with other kids from around the province. The Kids of Mud race program in the spring is for mountain bike racing. But Wolseley Wheels introduces other forms of bike racing as well, such as cyclocross, track racing (on a grass track), adventure racing, and individual time trials.

A typical evening will begin by introducing a particular skill (e.g., braking, climbing and descending hills, jumping over obstacles, etc.). We will then spend some time practicing that particular skill before dividing up into smaller groups (based on ability, not age) and heading off in various directions for a group ride.

The club is open to kids aged 5 years or older who are able to ride a bike comfortably without training wheels. Parents are encouraged to bring their bikes as well and join us on the rides!

The program runs from mid-April to the end of June each year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: wolseleywheels@gmail.com


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