2018 Season starts Tomorrow!

We will meet at the CMU Library and Folio Cafe on Grant Avenue.  If the weather is bad we can meet inside the building, but it looks like it will be sunny!

A map to the location is here: https://binged.it/2nWEuRM

The evening will include:

  •  Checking licenses (you will need to bring your license with you.
  • If you have not received your license(s) bring confirmation of your payment
  • Introduction of the coaches.
  • Doing a bike check (making sure your child fits their bike properly and that the gears and brakes are working)
  • Helmet Check (adjusting kids helmets/teaching them to fit their helmets correctly on their heads)
  • T-shirt distribution
  • Getting into preliminary groupings and going for a short ride

This ride will begin to help the coaches assess the abilities of the kids in each group.  As the season progresses and our riders improve and are riding more challenging terrain, the coaches will move around the kids from group to group, trying to create groups that are similar in skill and speed.  This will create the most fun for everyone.

Please make sure your child knows they may be moved around, to work with other coaches, throughout the season.  If you have questions about this please ask.

How to Dress
Even though the forecast is sunny, it is still a little cool. Make sure your child is dressed warmly enough to be comfortable. A windproof layer over a warm layer is a good idea as the chill of the wind increases as they ride. Mitts and even a small toque that fits under the helmet may be a consideration some days, but not likely necessary this week.
A water bottle will become more necessary as the season progresses. If your child doesn’t have a place on their bike to carry on, talk to the coaches about other possibilities.
See you tomorrow

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