Tonight: Single Track Fun at Bur Oak

Tonight we get to rip the awesome Bur Oak trails in Birds Hill Provincial Park! These trails are always fun and a challenge to all riders, regardless of ability.

Bur Oak (BHP)

Bur Oak is the first right on the South Drive after entering the park from Hwy. 59

Here are a few things to keep in mind for tonight’s ride:

  1. Provincial Park Pass – All provincial park visitors are required to purchase and display the 2015 provincial park pass. If you don’t have one, give yourself a few extra minutes and purchase one at the 59er (the gas station on Hwy 59 just before the Birds Hill Park exit).
  2. Poison Ivy – It’s already out and is found throughout the Bur Oak trails. Wear tall socks and/or wash your legs with a grease-cutting detergent as soon as possible after the ride. Staying on the trail is your best way to avoid the poison ivy.
  3. Wood Ticks – They’re out, too. Be sure to do a post-ride tick check.
  4. Mosquitoes – They may be out…if they are Bur Oak is a place they seem to congregate. Have a can of repellent in the car, just in case.

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